Ford & Lego – A surprisingly successful brand partnership

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Meet #BrickPony, the love child of Lego auto brand Ford.

#BrickPony is a life-size replica ‘1964½’ Ford Mustang V8 coupe made from Lego and Duplo bricks. Made out of 194,900 pieces of Lego and Duplo, it took around 1,200 hours to assemble by a team of veteran Master Builders at LEGO Systems, Inc. #BrickPony is more than 15 feet long, around 6 feet wide and more than 4 feet tall. It weighs 774 kilograms, of which 435 kgs are LEGO bricks and 340 kgs are its aluminum chassis. The Mustang has a virtual horn and the sound of a Mustang engine, as well as working headlights and taillights.

The project is a collaboration of Lego and longtime partner ‘Southern Ford Dealers’ who have sponsored the Ford Driving School attraction at Legoland Florida Resort since it opened in 2011. #BrickPony will go on permanent display outside the Ford Driving School attraction at Legoland.

Whilst at first glance the connection between the Lego and Ford brands may seem tenuous, the wholesome, family values shared by both brands has provided the strategic platform for a long-term relationship that adds value to both brands and the businesses they represent.

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