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A peek behind our brand strategy work for THE:5TH

THE:5TH – A watch brand worth watching. We’ve recently begun working with next gen watch business THE:5TH. For those not familiar with the brand (which makes you over 35 and not fashion savvy) THE:5TH is a stellar example of new businesses disrupting old categories –…

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Consumer activism; a powerful vehicle for change

Now more than ever consumers are turning their everyday purchases into a form of protest or demonstration of ideology to create change, sending strong signals to brands by using their purchasing choices as votes. How a brand produces and delivers its goods and who they…

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oBikes – when technology and good intentions meet the real world

Dockless bike sharing is an innovative and profitable new market place for tech-savvy start-ups but what happens when technology and good intentions meet the real world? The generosity of bikes appearing across cities throughout the world to help us get from A to B, improve…

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Fitness brands leading the way for brand engagement

There‚Äôs been a burst of innovation to the fitness categories in the last number of years which has been both inspiring from a brand perspective and also motivating from a get up off your ass and sweat a little perspective too! What is playing out…

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Busting the First Mover Advantage Myth of Branding

Watching a TED Talk recently from Organizational psychologist Adam Grant I came across a brilliant insight that challenged the long and firmly held belief of First Mover Advantage. For as long as I can remember in business and brand the ‘first mover paradigm’ dictated that…

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The 12 Steps to Building a Loved Brand

Loved brands are profitable brands Is the whole ‘Loved Brands’ thing a fluffy piece of feelgood PR from the branding community or a commercially savvy strategy? That so much cynicism surrounds the brand industry must be a reflection of the inability of the industry to…

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