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The power of customer-centric brand thinking.

Now that seems like a valuable brand proposition. All to often we find brands working in a market driven paradigm. That-is, their mindset of how they go to market is based upon the collective history of how the category has always operated. What was will…

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Why brands need to pick a side and face the consequences

Today’s guest article has been penned by the very smart people at eatbigfish. eatbigfish is a strategic brand consultancy with a single focus: challenger thinking and behaviour. Founded by Adam Morgan after he wrote Eating the Big Fish – the book that popularised the term ‘challenger…

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This Local Government is turning parking fines into inspiring Christmas spirit

The Lexington Parking Authority in Kentucky, USA has launched a brilliant ‘Food for Fines’ program It’s not often the concept of a parking ticket and inspiring brand engagement appear in the same line of thought, but that’s exactly what this innovative thinking parking authority in…

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Be Cheap Or Be Interesting: How Brands Succeed

If your brand doesn’t own the ‘lowest price’ position in your category – you’d better get interesting. The following is a piece originally written for by BrandHook founder & CEO Pip Stocks. For the original article click here. For many years now we have…

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Is the global movement to ban urban billboards a passing phase or the future?

A world without advertising billboards – Reality or Fantasy? Believe it or not there’s something of a global movement happening with the goal to remove advertising billboards from our cities and urban areas. First it was São Paulo, then Chennai, Grenoble, Tehran, Paris and now…

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