This Local Government is turning parking fines into inspiring Christmas spirit


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The Lexington Parking Authority in Kentucky, USA has launched a brilliant ‘Food for Fines’ program
It’s not often the concept of a parking ticket and inspiring brand engagement appear in the same line of thought, but that’s exactly what this innovative thinking parking authority in the US have done.

Food for Fines lets those who’ve received parking citations in the lead-up to Christmas get a $15 reduction by making food donations to a local charity. The Lexington Parking Authority has announced that its LEXPARK program is running the ‘Food for Fines’ canned food drive from November 16 to December 18 in order to generate donations for the God’s Pantry Food Bank.

By bringing-in 10 cans of food you’ll get $15 off a parking citation. The program was launched last year and resulted in more than 6,200 cans of food brought in as payment for more than 600 parking meter citations.

Marian Guinn, CEO of God’s Pantry Food Bank, said: “During this time of year when lots of Lexingtonians are looking to give back to their community, it’s wonderful to see organizations like LEXPARK engage with our Food Bank in creative ways to fight hunger and deliver hope. These canned food items will help stock the shelves of our four Lexington Pantry locations which help feed hungry Fayette County families year round. One expired parking meter ticket could mean two meals for hungry Fayette County families.”


An Inspiring Win-Win Opportunity for Local Government
When it comes to organizations with low brand engagement, Parking authorities/officers would top the charts, with most local government organizations not far behind. This simple brand gesture has enormous potential to create a win-win by dramatically improving the brand sentiment for the parking authority, whilst providing a boost to a local food bank in time for Christmas. I see no reason why this program couldn’t be expanded to swap the entire fine for 20 cans/packets of food, increasing both the number of people who might take-up the offer and the amount of food donated.

Most Local Government organizations talk the talk about serving the community – and this program provides the opportunity to follow-up those words with actions by directly connecting the good of the community with those who’ve received a parking fine within that community.

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