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Brands we love – Royal Botanic Gardens

The Royal Botanic Gardens is one of my favourite places in Melbourne. Famous for their beautiful gardens, conservation of plants, and their visitor and education programs, the organisation does great work around sharing the importance of plants to life. To me it’s the gardens that…

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Smells Different. Demeter leverages the romance of everyday experiences.

Fragrance brand bucks category norms to standout in highly competitive fragrance category. Demeter continues to defy the age old art of using sex, glamour and mystique to sell fragrance. Instead, the brand uses everyday experiences as their inspiration. The US fragrance company has just released…

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The new perils of refreshing your brand.

New times equal new challenges for re-branding Over the last twenty years we’ve been working with business to re-position and refresh their brands the most significant change we’ve witnessed is the internet. Not such a ground breaking thought I know; the net has forever changed…

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