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Rebrand Royal Botanic gardens Victoria

The Royal Botanic Gardens is one of my favourite places in Melbourne. Famous for their beautiful gardens, conservation of plants, and their visitor and education programs, the organisation does great work around sharing the importance of plants to life.

To me it’s the gardens that sit at the heart of the brand, and provides a space that goes beyond the plants themselves, to offering a place to enjoy many aspects of life.

The garden lawns have provided lazy days in the sun and picnics with family and friends, and around the gardens ‘The Tan’ has been used for walking, jogging and ‘fun run’ events. Shakespeare in the Park and Moonlight Cinemas offer arts and entertainment, or you can take a Gondola ride on the Ornamental Lake. There’s also cafes and function venues and the Children’s Garden to explore.

Place branding Ian Potters Children's Garden

With so many ways to interact with the gardens beyond the botanical, the recent rebrand captures how I see the gardens – as a place to be part of, where you can interact with nature, rather than just observe.

The previous brand had been created 20 years ago and only symbolised the trees, while the new brand brings in the human aspect of the gardens, beautifully merging faces into the trees, along with the wildlife, variety of foliage and seasonal change.

Royal Botanic gardens rebrand

With their new vision of ‘Life is sustained and enriched by plants’ the new brand symbolises how the Royal Botanic Gardens has enriched my life over the years, and remains a place I love to be.

Thinking about a rebrand, give us a call.

Catherine Howarth
Senior Account Manager

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