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Respect to Nike for recognising the value of their brand mark design.

How much is the Nike logo worth? The story of Nike paying $35 for the design of their logo back in 1971 is the stuff of branding legend. Even allowing for inflation, that $35 branding budget equates to a pitiful $216 in today’s US$ –…

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Melbourne Cup Carnival Marquees – A brand investment or ego-driven indulgence?

I have to admit I love this time of year. As the Spring Racing Carnival hits full swing, Melbourne turns into a town of glamour and excitement where it seems everyone is a racing aficionado, and dressed accordingly. As the center of the Carnival universe,…

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In the end clients bear the cost of tighter budgets

The Greatest Barrier to Creativity. I recently read a great short article on Creative Review where three of the UK’s creative pioneers were asked their view on the greatest barriers to producing creative work. The article interviewed Caroline Pay, Joint Chief Creative Officer of Grey…

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The Brand Value Equation & How Most Businesses Get It Wrong.

Understanding the Brand Value Equation We work on a daily basis guiding the brands for businesses of all shapes and sizes across almost every conceivable category. The thing they all have in common is an understanding of brand value and how to leverage it to…

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How much should I pay for my Branding?

What should my branding cost? So you’re at start-up/running a growing business/recently merged/feeling the heat from new competition/just stepped into the big chair and you’ve got a sense that your branding isn’t working. No matter how clear-minded you are at leading your business, the task…

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