Respect to Nike for recognising the value of their brand mark design.

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How much is the Nike logo worth?

The story of Nike paying $35 for the design of their logo back in 1971 is the stuff of branding legend. Even allowing for inflation, that $35 branding budget equates to a pitiful $216 in today’s US$ – a pitiful amount even for a business operating on the thinnest of shoestrings. But full credit to Phil Knight and his crew for readdressing the issue more than a decade later. The less known addendum to the story is that the global sporting apparel brand organised an event in honour of the designer, Carolyn Davidson in 1983, presenting her with a gold and diamond Nike ring and 500 shares of Nike stock.

Nike is the 16th most valuable brand in the world according to Forbes with a value of US$29.6b. As Stephen A. Greyser, a Harvard Business School professor and sports management expert summarizes; “The Swoosh has become the living, vibrant symbol of the firm”. So what might be fair compensation for the design of a mark that has become the synonymous moniker for Nike’s brand?

Everybody wins.

When the value of Davidson’s shares was last calculated in 2011 they were estimated to be worth around US$640k. Since then Nike’s share price has almost quadrupled, suggesting the current pay packet for the swoosh brand mark design would top US$2m. Not a bad payday for a design student from Penn State University, but unarguably also a better than reasonable return for the client.

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