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Respect to Nike for recognising the value of their brand mark design.

How much is the Nike logo worth? The story of Nike paying $35 for the design of their logo back in 1971 is the stuff of branding legend. Even allowing for inflation, that $35 branding budget equates to a pitiful $216 in today’s US$ –…

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Cricket Australia: Big Bash Has Dash

Our March Article for The Melbourne Review: Cricket Australia and its innovative play.  In May 2010 we were asked to attend a meeting with Cricket Australia, sign a confidentiality agreement, and then be briefed on a most audacious plan to launch a new version of T20 cricket…

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Tomic brand needs a tonic

Australian tennis player Bernard Tomic was jeered by the crowd at Rod Laver Arena last week after withdrawing from a match at the end of the first set against Rafael Nadal. He feels that he was misunderstood and was adamant he made the right choice…

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There's no 'I' in team right? Branded sporting personalities in team sport

Sporting teams all over the world must contend with the balance of club brand vs personal brand when the decision is made to sign up a superstar. Players that are so well-known and successful can end up being as big, if not bigger than the…

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