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Brand China continues to polarise

Study shows perception of China varies across the globe, with reputation declining in many countries. As China celebrates their 70th anniversary of Communist rule, Pew Research Centre has released their latest Global Attitudes Survey on the People’s Republic. More prominant than ever in global headlines,…

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Massive brand growth sees Luckin Coffee go from zero to $1Bn in less than a year

More than just luck. The coffee unicorn brand that’s the talk of China. China’s thirst for their own ‘new retail’ brands continues to fuel investor and consumer frenzy and coffee is the latest battleground. Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi now dominate over Apple in…

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Truly Deeply creates new premium baby formula brand for China

New brand proposition, identity and packaging taps into market gap for a premium Australian made brand specifically designed for the Chinese market. Everything from the positioning, messaging and personality was designed to connect with affluent Chinese mums. The proposition reinforces their beliefs in the benefits…

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One in a Billion – Adidas aims for a new China market

Interesting times for brands as the Chinese market evolves. Global sports brand adidas have launched a new and noteworthy ad campaign aimed at the Chinese market. The last two decades are choc-a-block with beautifully shot, inspiringly heart-racing ads from all of the brands in this…

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Transparent brand social entrepreneurship

A more transparent brand of social entrepreneurship showing you exactly how shoes change the world A couple of months ago, Truly Deeply director David Ansett, posted a blog on TOMS Shoes, an altruistic organisation that donates a pair of shoes to a child in need…

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Finding a Country’s Colour

Istanbul is in the middle of everything. A symbol of how exchange, migration and connections are the base of evolution. Blurring the flag colors of all the countries that have had long relations in Istanbul, Filippo Minelli’s The Flags of Istanbul is a project about…

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