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UNs sustainable goals: What role does your brand play?

As brands and businesses we can have a profound impact on the world beyond just making money. Many brands are starting to realise the value of operating in a way which gives value to not only their bottom line but also to society. Ok, so…

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The Rising Need for Brands to Change and Expand Competitive Sets

Today’s post is an article written by Brandhook, good friends of ours and the sharpest brand research and insights agency around. At BrandHook we talk about the 7 ways consumer behaviour has changed but after attending last week’s Mumbrella Retail & Marketing Summit it was…

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100 years of brand differentiation – Audi stays ahead of the curve

“There’s no point in pushing forward if you’re always going the same way as everyone else”. This is a great line from a recent Audi ad which demonstrates the power of always putting yourself where your competitors aren’t and offering something different to your market. Audi…

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