100 years of brand differentiation – Audi stays ahead of the curve


“There’s no point in pushing forward if you’re always going the same way as everyone else”.

This is a great line from a recent Audi ad which demonstrates the power of always putting yourself where your competitors aren’t and offering something different to your market. Audi have proven that not only is it possible to do this and reap the rewards but you can continually strive to out-do your competitors when they catch up top you.


Do you strive to ‘out-do’ your competition?

Does your product and service offer the same features, benefits and attributes as your competitors? Is your only differentiation the spin or story you create around it? Or do consciously work to offer something truly differentiated that makes you stand apart from the competition?

As Audi demonstrates when you don’t follow the pack and you focus on putting your brand ahead of the curve you can achieve great brand success. When you realise this differentiation your competitors are forced into a position where they have to keep up with you and your customers see the benefits and features as something truly different in the market choosing your brand over others.

“We’ve spent more than 100 years striving to “out-do” every milestone, every piece of technology we have ever created, to deliver the best in premium quality and craftsmanship for our customer.” – Audi Australia Managing Director, Andrew Doyle.


Some great quotes from the ad:

“We’ve never been known to follow tradition”.

“When everyone else was two wheel drive we invented quattro”.

“Everyone else is always trying to keep up with us on the road but we’re already shooting for the moon.”

If you want to achieve great brand and business success you need to offer something truly different and put yourself ahead of the curve otherwise you’ll always be struggling to keep up.

Gemma Dittmar
Director of Brand Projects

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