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Media consumption up, especially video content as a result of COVID-19

New study reveals rapidly changing consumption as a result of Coronavirus (COVID-19), with many signing up for more streaming services. As the coronavirus outbreak continues, more and more communities, industries, and businesses are feeling its effects. Staying informed at this time is crucial. A new…

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Budweiser’s Immigrant Campaign creates a storm in a pint glass

How should a brand react when a campaign gets this kind of backlash? Budweiser’s 2017 Superbowl commercial features the story of the beer company founder’s ambitious journey from Germany to America in pursuit of his dream: to brew the ‘King of Beers’. The story combines…

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Trustworthy, Exciting, Sexy, Caring – Which Brands Own These Associations in the Minds of Consumers?

What Consumers Really Think About Brands We all carry associations that form the context for our relationships with the brands in our lives. There are brand relationships we inherited from our parents (often political, automotive and food), there are those we shared with our friends…

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Target's use of anorexic looking models is a bad look for the brand

Retail Brand Target at Risk of Customer Disengagement Target’s choice to select a seriously thin model to feature in their recent integrated campaign to launch the new collection from designer Dion Lee is drawing the ire of the market. Whilst no-doubt trying to build fashion…

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Apple pushes us further toward cloud computing and brand affinity

With the latest release of Mavericks (Apple’s newest operating system) we are being channeled further toward cloud computing and brand affinity. When I first learnt that the latest Apple operating system was free I was delighted. I couldn’t wait to upgrade my Mac Book Pro.…

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