Media consumption up, especially video content as a result of COVID-19

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New study reveals rapidly changing consumption as a result of Coronavirus (COVID-19), with many signing up for more streaming services.

As the coronavirus outbreak continues, more and more communities, industries, and businesses are feeling its effects. Staying informed at this time is crucial.

A new study from GlobalWebIndex looks at changing consumer consumption of media, news and Sport.

Focused on the UK and US, the study highlights how consumers are engaging with media, news, sports and online digital services during the pandemic, the findings reveal rapidly changing consumption, with many signing up for more streaming services.

It also offers essential guidance on what consumers want from music performers, along with sports teams and sources.

Truly Deeply, brand insight

As you would expect there are some stark differences between the generations, in particular Gen Zs are understandably more focused on escapism than staying informed.

It is also interesting that while there has been a strong lift in media consumption, it is primarily video based content that people are interested in.

Broadcast TV is doing well but more so with Boomers and Gen X. Online videos and streaming services are stronger for Millennials and Gen Z.

Facebook is the dominant social platform for up-to-date news with Youtube and Instagram not far behind, especially for Gen Zs and Millennials.

The study also shows that changes in media consumption as a result of COVID-19 are fairly consistent across the UK and US.

The data was collected between March 25-30th from participants in the U.S. and UK.

Read the report here.

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