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The retail brand who never used plastic bags

Finally, there’s movement on plastic bags We’ve been entertained by the carry on over plastic bags by the giant retail brands Coles and Woolworths over the last few months. While the brands themselves may see this as them taking a leadership roll in an overdue change…

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The first steps to creating a new brand. Part One.

We’re constantly working with start-ups and entrepreneurs looking to get their brand up and running on limited funding. Wondering what they can do to guarantee value from the process and for ways to use the budget as efficiently as possible. So over my next two…

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Truly Deeply raises over $27,000 for One Voice through Art with Heart 2016

It is not every day you get to hand over a rather large cheque for $27, 812.16 to the beneficiary of Art with Heart 2016, however that is exactly what we had the great pleasure of doing yesterday when some of the team from Truly…

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Food brands let you see what you get, sometimes.

  See what you get food packaging, once it’s not the amount sugar. The Australian Government has just launched a new food labelling initiative that highlights the food’s country of origin with a campaign declaring ‘See what you’re getting’. The new labelling must be rolled…

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Sauce brand plays with fire to grow brand

Hot sauce brand Sriracha has made the remarkable move of licensing it’s brand to internet startup Sriracha2Go. While licensing food brands and production isn’t anything new (think beer brands) this seems like a risky move for a growing and thriving brand. 

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What’s in a (brand) name (or brand identity)

  (Brand) names have baggage When creating a new name or identity for something there’s always the challenge of seconding guessing due to current associations. But by knowing you’re following a plan, backing yourself and a little patience it can all work out. Names are an…

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