The retail brand who never used plastic bags

Bunnings free boxes - recycling at the heart of the brand

Finally, there’s movement on plastic bags

We’ve been entertained by the carry on over plastic bags by the giant retail brands Coles and Woolworths over the last few months. While the brands themselves may see this as them taking a leadership roll in an overdue change in our society, their inaction on other environmental and sustainability issues put this move in context. Especially in light of Coles much derided little-shop promotion of useless plastic junk.

It’s clear that what drives these brands is not altruism for our environment or society. It’s good we still have someone like the ABC to force these issues. We’re all enjoying Craig Reucassel’s new War on Waste and it’s great to have someone with the ability to put waste, recycling and sustainability front of mind. It’s a shame that most brands only pay lip service to these issues; so few of them put recycling and sustainability at the heart of their brand.

Recycling at the heart of the Bunnings brand experience

However, there is another massive Australian retail behemoth that has never used plastic bags: Bunnings. It occurred to me at the weekend during my frequent visit to the DIY mecca. After usual rituals: the traditional snag, a wander around looking at things I didn’t need and self servicing myself at the checkout. On the way out, rummaging to get a box for my stuff.  When it occurred to me that no other retailer puts recycling first in this way. Every retailer has products supplied in cartons and boxes, but Bunnings has made a feature of it. It’s a symbol of everything the Bunnings brand is: practical, everyday thrift. It occurs to me that two brands that focus so much on value and price don’t have the same consumer benefit focused thrift rituals. There’s an opportunity here, will either take it up?

Derek Carroll

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