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A brand-eye view of the internet in real time

Our Digitally Connected World Captured If you’re looking for evidence that the world of commerce has changed, just spend a minute mesmerized by a real time  representation of some of what’s happening on the web. In the time it takes to read this post there…

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The 5 levels of brand leadership – from Survival to Significance

Measuring your brand’s social standing Jeremy Waite (Head of Digital Strategy EMEA Marketing Cloud) in his book, ‘From Survival to Significance’ represents an interesting perspective on the way brands and consumers engage on social media. This is an area of brand management that is…

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Demystifying Digital — Solving the PPC, SEO Puzzle for Brands

No Quick Fix for Driving Online Traffic. By Chris Ongarello on – 19 April 2013 People today are quick to think that PPC is an instant solution to gain traffic and leads to and through their website, but their is so much more to the…

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Sublime Design Drives Brand Love

Brand Differentiation through Design Innovation I’m the first to admit, I’m a sucker for beautiful design. Create a newer, more stunning version of anything and I’m first in line to buy one – a tragic but aesthetically pleasing obsession. So you can imagine my delight…

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Brand Transparency – Free Range Chook Style

Free Range Chickens and Brand Communications. We often make the point that Authenticity sits at the core of all effective brands. Being true to your self and your principles is critical to building trusted, emotional connections with your market. For many businesses, transparency is the…

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Home is where the Brand Selection Heart is

More Than Ever, the Shopping Process Begins at Home As the way we buy continues to evolve, customers determined to find the best deals for almost everything are researching their purchases online before going to the store. For marketers and brand owners, that means a…

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