A brand-eye view of the internet in real time

Our Digitally Connected World Captured

If you’re looking for evidence that the world of commerce has changed, just spend a minute mesmerized by a real timeĀ  representation of some of what’s happening on the web.

In the time it takes to read this post there will be more than 5 million likes on facebook and 3 million posts on Instagram. As these once strictly social platforms become woven into the way consumers engage with, converse with and purchase from brands the importance of how brands then master these platforms as part of the way they do business becomes more and more important.

I was talking just last week with my friend Nelly who is a fashion marketing guru about the increasingly influential role micro influencers are playing in that category. These are social media influencers with a very targetted, very loyal and very engaged community of 2,000 to 20,000 like minded people. A single post by one of these micro influencers on facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube or Twitter can have a bigger impact than a small marketing campaign – and by impact we’re talking online purchases. Here are two articles we wrote on micro-influencers: The Big News on Influencer Marketing Is – Think Small – and – Why Micro-Influencers are Every Brands Best Friend.

The more activity there is on these platforms, the greater the need for brands to think micro/local/super targeted. Small brands and start-ups have a natural advantage over large brands here as they tend to have this micro-mindset as part of their DNA.

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Click on this link to get a detailed view of the counters in real time. By rolling over each panel you get another layer of interesting, real time info on each channel: Betfy.co.uk

Dave Ansett
David is the founder of Truly Deeply, a brand agency with 25 years experience working with brands to position them for growth. His deep expertise is in the creation of high engagement brands that attract the attention of their audience and stand out from their competitors. David has extensive experience working with corporate, retail, food & beverage and entrepreneurial clients. Find out more here
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