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Your greatest brand influencers are hidden in plain sight

Your very best brand ambassadors are right under your nose. In the world of brand marketing, influencers are rightfully gaining a strong reputation for the important role they play. The challenge for brand managers is finding the right influencers; those with the passion, knowledge and…

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Tips for Bloggers – Micro Brand Influencers

If there’s one brand trend we’ve seen explode over the last five years it’s the role of micro-influencers. Typically bloggers (but also instagrammers, facebookers and Twitterers), micro influencers stand at the center of a community, attracted and bound by a shared interest. These influencers produce…

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A brand-eye view of the internet in real time

Our Digitally Connected World Captured If you’re looking for evidence that the world of commerce has changed, just spend a minute mesmerized by a real timeĀ  representation of some of what’s happening on the web. In the time it takes to read this post there…

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