Tips for Bloggers – Micro Brand Influencers


If there’s one brand trend we’ve seen explode over the last five years it’s the role of micro-influencers.

Typically bloggers (but also instagrammers, facebookers and Twitterers), micro influencers stand at the center of a community, attracted and bound by a shared interest. These influencers produce content, typically fired-by a personal passion and belief system. The content is highly valued and carries with it a high degree of authenticity, credibility and trust. Accordingly, these micro-influencers and their communities can be highly valuable for brands where passion of influencer/community and passion of brand overlap.

As we see the emergence of digital platforms that will help brands and influencers connect, we see this trend only continuing to grow in strength and importance for brand owners, managers and marketers.

We recently came across this great infographic filled with valuable information, tips and advice for bloggers – established and beginners alike. We’ve edited the graphic to suit, but if you’re interested, please follow the link to the original at the end of the article.

micro brand influencers

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