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Fendi’s 90 Year Celebration is a masterclass in fashion branding.

Beautiful Brand Engagement – Fendi’s 90 Year Celebration kicked off last week at the iconic Trevi Fountain in Rome. In 2012 Fendi spent US$2.2m to fund the restoration of Trevi Fountain. The local fashion brand paid for the crumbling fountain’s crucial maintenance in exchange for…

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UK Retailer Debenhams go Real with their fashion models

Imagine a major retailer waking-up one morning and deciding to break convention with their fashion marketing. Whilst many retail and fashion brands discuss the possibility of featuring ‘real’ models in their marketing campaigns, for the most part they remain discussions only. Dove and Esprit are…

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Our Brand Identity design for fashion label Hemisphere Jeans – One from the Vault.

Creating Everyday Brand Identity Magic When fashion brand Hemisphere asked us to help them create the visual identity for their new ‘every-day’ label, we couldn’t have been more inspired. having been big fans of the brand for years, we won the account after first meeting…

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Brilliant Brand Space Design for Prada Men's Spring/Summer 2012 Parade

A Tough Brand Design Gig It’s got to be one of the toughest design gigs going around – how to create a unique, stand-out space in which to parade the upcoming season’s designs for a global fashion super brand. This beautiful space called ‘Field’ has…

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