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A Guide to marketing to Gen Z

For as long as I’ve been working in branding, I can’t remember a target audience our clients felt they knew as little about as Gen Z. To be fair, part of this confusion comes from a lack of clarity around the age bracket Gen Z…

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Truly Deeply creates unique skin and hair care brand for the next generation

Brand strategy, naming, design and packaging for Gen Z skin and hair care range. Innovative, all natural and eco-friendly, Umii is a new range of body and skin care products specifically designed for girls and guys aged 8-18. Real, assertive and bold, Umii doesn’t tell…

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5 Strategies for brands marketing to Gen Z

Is Gen Z the toughest consumer group to market to yet? The answer to that question depends on the brand, it’s product and mindset. With each new generation of consumers, established brands find themselves challenged to connect with a new collective mindset. However, there are…

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The Rising Power of Gen Z: Disrupting Mum’s Habitual Purchases

Are Gen Z hijacking brand loyalty? As a brand agency we are fascinated about consumer / societal trends and need to be on the forefront of analysing trends from a consumer mindset in order to advise our clients on how to position their brands. Part of our…

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Truly Deeply creates brand for new app Kombie

Brand identity brings new social mobile app to life. Truly Deeply’s brand positioning and identity work is helping Kombie to stand out and become the next big thing in the competitive social app world. Kombie founder Stuart Berwick, said that “The Kombie brand identity has…

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The Golden Arches continues to build brand advocacy with Gen Z

My eight-year-old son, like many children, is a great brand ambassador for McDonald’s. Ever since he could talk, he was asking, “can we go to McDonald’s?” My wife and I never encouraged it but, like most things children pester for, you either continue to fight…

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