Truly Deeply creates unique skin and hair care brand for the next generation

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Brand strategy, naming, design and packaging for Gen Z skin and hair care range.

Innovative, all natural and eco-friendly, Umii is a new range of body and skin care products specifically designed for girls and guys aged 8-18.

Real, assertive and bold, Umii doesn’t tell young people who they are, rather it encourages them to make their mark.

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Building on the idea of individuality and not being restricted to stereotyped notions of what young people should be, the brand identity exudes confidence through a modern and eye-catching visual language.

The colour ‘smudge’ represents leaving your mark and breaking out of boundaries and conventions. The colour palette and minimalist design speaks to both girls and guys, and holds a fun youthful appeal while not appearing childish.

“We have had plenty of great feedback with many commenting that they love the brand and the packaging looks slick”, says Director Chloe Moorfoot.

teen, tween, brand, packaging

The brand story brings to life a powerful mantra for a new generation who are taking charge of their lives and rewriting the rules. The messaging is straightforward and witty with some spunk, recognising that they not only care about how they look, but the importance of where their products come from and what’s in them.

The strength in the brand comes from the way it brings together products that are ethical, high-quality and all natural but also a genuine proposition that respects young people and empowers them to look, feel and do good.

The name ‘Umii’ was also created by Truly Deeply. It brings together the ideas of being individual as well as being part of a collective in a powerful, simple and memorable way; for you, for me, for everybody.

gen z brand, teen, tween

Moorfoot describes working with Truly Deeply as an enjoyable and highly collaborative.

“The team are approachable, hard-working and most importantly deliver outstanding results. Their work was so fantastic, we struggled to decide between the two brand concepts they designed for us – we wanted both. Truly Deeply’s agile approach was perfect for us as it ensured we could pivot as needed and execute the right decisions to bring out brand to life”.

Ummi is a unique skin and hair care brand that young Gen Z girls and guys can adopt as their own. Umii makes it easy for them to look good, feel good and do good with products specially crafted for their sensitive skin, growing body and active lifestyle.

Check out the range of Umii products here.

View the full case study of the Umii brand here.

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