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H&M’s wonderful new Christmas ad shot by Wes Anderson

  Come Together – A Christmas Brand Gesture As the ‘content as entertainment’ train continues to gain momentum, Global retail brand H&M have teamed-up with film maker Wes Anderson to create a Christmas ad that is as quirkily cinematic as it is retail oriented. True…

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Uniqlo – Brand experience and exceptional customer service

A month ago I had two polarising shopping experiences at H&M and Uniqlo, I couldn’t wait to get out of H&M and I spent hours in Uniqlo walking out with an unplanned bag full of goods. I was blown away by the store experience especially the…

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H&M laughs in the face of Aussie fashion brands

Hot on the heels of more Australian retailers going to the wall, Swedish ‘fast fashion’ brand H&M opened it latest and one of its biggest stores in Melbourne’s CBD on the weekend. Once again, this is another example of the power of building an authentic…

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