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How to pronounce famous everyday brand names

You know the name, but can you pronounce it correctly? For the fourth in our series of how to pronounce brands, we’re looking at household brands. Despite their popularity, you’re probably mispronouncing many famous brands such as Nutella, Evian, Godiva, Sriracha, Zara, Adidas, Hugo Boss, Bayer,…

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Ikea’s Cook This Page campaign is another smart brand gesture

Swedish home furniture brand Ikea continues to be at the heart of affordable stylish urban living. We always solute brands who continually look for interesting ways to engage and add value for the lives of their customers. That’s why we love this clever idea from…

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Ikea bike strengthens the brand’s smart urban living image

Swedish home furniture giant Ikea’s commuter bike, ‘Sladda’ is another brand reputation proof point. Ikea has built their reputation on providing affordable stylish urban living. However, in the past couple of years, the brand has stepped up its product development to extend its dominance in…

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IKEA brand taps into a higher purpose to support the Red Cross in Syria

  Meaningful branding builds deeper customer loyalty An unwritten law of commerce is that we do business with those we like. This applies equally to B2B sales as it does to B2C where it’s often about how much we like the brand rather than the…

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IKEA Chief believes we have reached ‘Peak Stuff’ – What does that mean for consumer brands?

Has the West has reached it’s peak of Consumerism? During a recent interview with NPR in the US, IKEA’s Global Chief Sustainability Officer, Steve Howard opined: “If you look at things like oil–well, actually, oil sales have peaked in the U.S. and Western Europe. Beef sales have pretty…

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