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Is the new normal for business a once in a lifetime opportunity for brands to innovate?

Inspiring Brands Innovating for the New Reality. WFH is a Japanese start-up who’s brand name is an acronym for ‘Work From Home’. Their first product which we spotted on Kickstarter is a range of Jammies designed specifically for working from home. Brainchild of design agency;…

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BNP Paribas re-defines the future of retail banking

A Challenger Brand Mindset from a Big Global Bank There’s a saying in business that if you’re not moving forwards you’re moving backwards. And on that basis, much of the retail banking sector in Australia has been struggling to keep up with the pace of…

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Free Is Better: Disrupting the bottled water market

Free Is Better hit the streets across Melbourne in late 2013 and had a goal of wiping out the existing bottled water brands in the market. The brandĀ gives away free bottled water. It works by selling the label space on its bottles to advertisers at…

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Innovative Ideas Create Winning Brands

For most of us, music in outdoor spaces has become something we enjoy in isolation, we plug in and switch off to the world around us. Music is something that can bring people together and bring a lot of joy and entertainment when shared. To…

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