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The Accessible FormBox: Building a Community Through Product.

“We’re building a personal factory that makes creating products as simple as baking a cake.” – Mayku. A team of clever minds at Mayku, Somerset House, London have been busy creating a powerful product that has been designed to make vacuum forming more accessible. The…

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Brands using crowdfunding for market research

We work with many startups and entrepreneurs at Truly Deeply and one of the very first conversations we have with new clients, especially¬†startups is, “How can we disrupt the category?” “What’s better about us?” “What can we do differently from the rest, what is our…

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Collaboration as new brand platform

Last year we had our first experience using accommodation sourcing site Airbnb when we rented a studio apartment in New York for two weeks. Airbnb is an online portal that matches travellers with individuals who wish to rent out their spaces. Everything from houses,…

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Better by Design – the new Nano Watch

Lovin’ the iPod nano watch kit from TikTok+LunaTik. Proving once again that few things cannot be improved by a good dose of high quality design.

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