The Accessible FormBox: Building a Community Through Product.

“We’re building a personal factory that makes creating products as simple as baking a cake.” – Mayku.

A team of clever minds at Mayku, Somerset House, London have been busy creating a powerful product that has been designed to make vacuum forming more accessible.


The FormBox. Image courtesy of

The brilliance of the ‘FormBox’ concept is that it takes a piece of equipment usually only found in factories, workshops and studios and makes it possible for makers to use that technology at home. The FormBox uses your home vacuum cleaner, and the website demonstrates how you can sculpt potatoes and other household items to use as the forms that go on to make plant pots, coasters and a whole lot more:

FormBox Chocolate Packaging

Chocolates and Packaging, made by ANGWAKU BENICE. Image courtesy of

“A Community of Makers”

Not only is it a product, but Mayku have created a real sense of community around this concept and what it can achieve.

The Mayku website includes a ‘Make‘ tab, with easy, step-by-step instructions on how to make products with your new FormBox.

They are also developing an online platform where users can share their creations, share templates, give others ideas, ask questions, give advice and guidance.

Overall, I think this is a really good example of the power of an accessible product. Mayku have done a great job at inviting their users to engage with and enjoy their creation, that will no doubt go on to make some very exciting stuff. Looking forward to hearing more!

To learn more about Mayku and the FormBox visit their website:

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Lucy Sharpe

Account Manager


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