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The Accessible FormBox: Building a Community Through Product.

“We’re building a personal factory that makes creating products as simple as baking a cake.” – Mayku. A team of clever minds at Mayku, Somerset House, London have been busy creating a powerful product that has been designed to make vacuum forming more accessible. The…

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Shave time, not your beard with Virgin’s Beard Cap

Virgin Trains have teamed up with Great North Swim to create a product specifically designed to minimise facial hair shedding, proving there are no limitations when it comes to brand association.

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Cooking online and the power of digital collaborations

Between Wednesday’s snack day and a debate about Mastershef, its safe to say we all love food here at Truly. But for something a little off the shelf, Collaborative Cooking is bringing our love of design, creative thinking and food together as one. Collaborative Cooking…

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The humble bottle cap is helping brands turn a necessity into an experience.

  Bottled drinks of all varieties are often the topic of conversation, especially in sustainability circles. Whatever your feelings are about our mass consumption and the effects of plastic pollution on the planet, plastic bottles are currently a necessary evil. And at the top of…

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