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The Accessible FormBox: Building a Community Through Product.

“We’re building a personal factory that makes creating products as simple as baking a cake.” – Mayku. A team of clever minds at Mayku, Somerset House, London have been busy creating a powerful product that has been designed to make vacuum forming more accessible. The…

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UberBoat – A Brand extension Masterclass

E for Excitement… and Brand Extension. Brand Extension isn’t always about launching more products with great sales potential in themselves. Sometimes the smartest brand extension plays are those that reinforce brand excitement and the values that made the brand loved in the first place. Uber…

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Let's give smaller product brands a fair go

I recently stumbled across my new favourite cider brand at Taste festival in Melbourne, Lychee Gold. At an event where Rekorderlig was plastered everywhere I’m surprised that this small brand got a look in edgewise but by the end of the first night the small cider supplier…

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Brand Lies: Nutella held accountable for misleading advertising

Consumers have always made brands accountable for their promises. Now, more than ever, they are also being made to pay for misleading claims. Nutella is latest brand being forced to compensate those it deceived into believing their product was healthy.

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