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Man-Up; Creating a powerful brand campaign around this important issue

A powerful brand campaign to match an equally important issue. The ABC recently aired a brilliant three part series from radio personality Gus Worland. Man Up is an eye opening exploration of male suicide in Australia, it seeks to encourage conversation and awareness across the…

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Another side to the story – a campaign to support homelessness

This is a clever outdoor campaign from Publicis London for the homelessness charity Depaul that manages to tell two different sides of the homeless story. This campaign approach acknowledges thoughts and feeling that many people have about homelessness and then makes you think about the other…

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Responsive Outdoor Campaign for Women's Aid leverages technology for brilliant cut-through

Responsive outdoor ads heal bruises through facial recognition technology A state of the art creative campaign for U.K. charity Women’s Aid draws the attention of passersby with startling  images of women with bruised faces. Using a billboard mounted camera and facial recognition software, the ads…

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