Man-Up; Creating a powerful brand campaign around this important issue

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A powerful brand campaign to match an equally important issue.

The ABC recently aired a brilliant three part series from radio personality Gus Worland. Man Up is an eye opening exploration of male suicide in Australia, it seeks to encourage conversation and awareness across the wider community on this issue that takes the life of more males aged 15 to 40 in our country than any other cause.

In the third and final episode, Worland sets-out to to create a campaign with the help of  adman Adam Ferrier. The task is one of great important, and the final piece of communication created for this task is to be commended. The result is powerful and bold, summing-up much of the insight and many of the issues impacting men’s mental health in Australia.

Man Up is still available on iView and well worth the watch, especially for anyone with teenage sons or relatives.

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