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Online and offline become one but brands still slow to adapt

The end of the digital offline divide is in sight or it should be. FSFK’s Future of Retail 2018 outlines how companies can transform their stores into experience centres that extend their supply chain and digital commerce platforms, creating mutual value with a focus on…

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Google Analytics looks at UX In Real Life

Are you distracting your customersĀ and deterring them from buying what they really want on your site?     For the holiday season, theĀ team at Google Analytics thought it would be helpful (and fun) to demonstrate how missteps on the digital shelf play out in real…

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The best and worst of online shopping

  Are Australian retailers really committed to online shopping? With online shopping specialists continuing to grow and evolve their offer, many Australian retailers still seem to be struggling to accept the new reality. But there are some standouts. What are the expectations for online shopping…

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A retail first for e-shopping

Tomorrow will see the launch of Target’s new and innovative way to shop electronically. Customers in the United States will have the option to shop directly from a short film specifically made for the retail chain. Featuring Kristen Bell, best known for her long standing…

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Retail Brand Loyalty. Have you got it?

Lately I have been thinking a lot about retail brand loyalty and what it means to brand owners, employees and retailers. Brand loyalty is a strange thing, you can’t hold it or visibly see it, but the value that should be placed on it, for…

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