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Organic natural brands no longer differentiate

When mega brands go organic Gatorade is introducing an organic version of it’s brightly coloured sugar water for ‘athletes’. While the new product will be tested in select markets it seams Pepsi Co., the parent brand, sees the threat to the market dominant sports drink from more…

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Aunt Maggie’s – a brand bringing the community a little soul and some great produce

An authentic retail brand experience is what you’ll get when you walk in to an Aunt Maggie’s store. Aunt Maggie’s organic food store is a brand that fills your heart and tummy with goodness. All the best produce and a wide selection of organic and…

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The Battle of an Honest to Goodness Brand

In recent months, the larger supermarket chains have found themselves embroiled in controversy as a result of their price wars and less than market friendly tactics.  As Peter Singline mentioned in his recent blog, the plight of smaller brand owners, in particular the smaller milk…

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