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Patagonia continues to differentiate by living their brand beliefs

While most brands were trying to compete with the biggest discounts to standout over the Black Friday weekend, Patagonia continued to use its brand to guide true differentiation. Black Friday, Cyber Monday combine to be one biggest consumer shopping events of the year and it’s…

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Be Cheap Or Be Interesting: How Brands Succeed

If your brand doesn’t own the ‘lowest price’ position in your category – you’d better get interesting. The following is a piece originally written for by BrandHook founder & CEO Pip Stocks. For the original article click here. For many years now we have…

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Patagonia: A purpose driven brand living their values everyday

Last week I was powerfully engaged by a brand that I’ve never purchased a product from before. Patagonia, the outdoor clothing brand were featured in the press recently because of a human rights scandal within their own second tier manufacturing chain. They’re not the only brand to…

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