Patagonia continues to differentiate by living their brand beliefs

Patagonia socially consious brand

While most brands were trying to compete with the biggest discounts to standout over the Black Friday weekend, Patagonia continued to use its brand to guide true differentiation.

Black Friday, Cyber Monday combine to be one biggest consumer shopping events of the year and it’s now spread to much of the world.

Patagonia has a long history of disrupting. Their famous ‘don’t buy this jacket’ ad was revolutionary back in the noughties. Now, it is revered as one of most compelling Black Friday campaigns.

This year, once again Patagonia has set the bar to whole new level. In a way that’s sure to make their customers feel even more passionate and proud about the brand they love – far beyond any level of discount or offer could.

Rose Marcario, President and CEO of Patagonia proudly proclaimed that they will donate “100 per cent of global Black Friday sales in our stores and on our website to grassroots organizations working in local communities to protect our air, water and soil for future generations.”

Patagonia’s Black Friday campaign raised $US 10 million. This exceeded the company’s expectation of $US 2 million. Patagonia’s not only stood out on Black Friday they galvanised a huge movement that many called a “fundraiser for the earth”.

Patagonia brand belief differentiation

Marcario used the opportunity to encourage us to think generously about family and friends but also show your love to the planet, which badly needs a gift or two (and still gets coal every year).

Rather than cheapening their brand, Patagonia used the weekend as another opportunity to champion a common cause and in doing so, demonstrate how they think differently. Once again, the brand stood head and shoulders above most clothing brands.

“During a difficult and divisive time, we felt it was important to go further and connect more of our customers, who love wild places, with those who are fighting tirelessly to protect them”, said Marcario.

Their one liner is not only different it is powerfully engaging and authentic. “100 Percent Today, 1 Percent Every Day.”

Patagonia is a socially conscious brand that continues to demonstrate their commitment to change the world. They are living their core belief that caring for our planet is not in conflict with running a successful business. The company is passionate about reducing their manufacturing footprint and is a member of 1% for the planet whereby they commit 1 percent of their annual net sales to grassroots environmental groups. To date, Patagonia has given $74 million to such endeavours.

Michael Hughes

Michael is Managing Partner and Strategy Director at Truly Deeply, a brand agency with 25 years’ experience working with brands to position them for growth. His deep expertise is in unlocking the strategic power of your brand to create a differentiated, compelling and authentic brand proposition that will engage all your audiences. Michael has extensive experience working across Australia and the Middle East working with leading Australian and International organisations across just about every sector.

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