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Nike’s Bold Anti-Racism Stance Proves Problematic

A timely lesson for brands with a social conscience. Global sportswear brand, Nike recently took a public stance to condemn racism, seeking to tap into the social tinderbox inflaming North America and spreading around the world. Adapting their iconic tagline, Nike created a campaign around;…

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The urgent need for more responsible brands

‘Unpacked’ photos remind us that brands need to take more responsibility for their impact. Recently I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to work with several purpose-led and social enterprises. Helping create and shape brands that are not just great products but will truly make a positive…

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Responsible brands: Target commits to new climate policy

Brands continue to lead the way, as governments drag their feet on climate policy. Despite the political climate in their homeland, US retail chain Target, has recognised the big role it has to play in combating the effects of climate change. Importantly, their new climate…

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Wow! Elon Musk’s Tesla brand keeps booming

We live in disruptive times for brands and business. You might have missed the news coming out of the US on Monday this week that saw the share value of Elon Musk’s Tesla brand continue to rise strongly. If there’s been a noteworthy trend in…

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How will our favorite brands leave the world for future generations?

I recently had the once in a lifetime experience of seeing David Attenborough in Melbourne and hearing him the has left me feeling touched, moved and inspired and wondering what role brands can play in protecting the natural world for generations to come. David Attenborough…

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Patagonia continues to differentiate by living their brand beliefs

While most brands were trying to compete with the biggest discounts to standout over the Black Friday weekend, Patagonia continued to use its brand to guide true differentiation. Black Friday, Cyber Monday combine to be one biggest consumer shopping events of the year and it’s…

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