Wow! Elon Musk’s Tesla brand keeps booming

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We live in disruptive times for brands and business.

You might have missed the news coming out of the US on Monday this week that saw the share value of Elon Musk’s Tesla brand continue to rise strongly. If there’s been a noteworthy trend in business over the last decade it has been the emergence of disruptor brands and their growth to dominate the categories they do business in. AirBnB and Uber are a couple of examples of now global brands who have forever changed the competitive landscape in their categories.

Tesla’s latest share price growth has seen their capitalisation increase to around $US48.2 billion, overtaking Ford and making them the  No. 2 car maker in the US. Wow! In the process Elon Musk’s personal brand continues to grow alongside the share price and brand value of Tesla.

Not since Richard Branson have we seen an entrepreneur build such a powerful personal brand with investors, the media, the business community and consumers alike. This degree of uber personal brand power creates a platform with enormous potential to launch future global businesses. Having heard Musk speak passionately on the subject of alternative power, I’m excited to see where his vision takes us next. Musk is a new generation thinker where disruption = Business + Brand + Better World. His businesses have the potential to leave a legacy for us all like no other entrepreneur before him.

And in these times of consumer empowerment, it’s beholden on us to support, encourage and promote the likes of Musk and his peers who have the vision and passion to change the world for the better.

Dave Ansett
David is the founder of Truly Deeply, a brand agency with 25 years experience working with brands to position them for growth. His deep expertise is in the creation of high engagement brands that attract the attention of their audience and stand out from their competitors. David has extensive experience working with corporate, retail, food & beverage and entrepreneurial clients. Find out more at…
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