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City of Pocatello rebranding stumbles over their best intentions

Best intentions don’t always get the branding job done. Following example after example of city and municipal rebrands around the world copping rate payer vitriol, The City of Pocatello decided to get on the front foot with a project and design rationale for their rebrand.…

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The psychology that drives resistance to branding change.

A Critical Step in Rebranding Strategy. Over recent months (and maybe years) we’ve tracked a growing consumer activism speaking out against changes to brand identity. Whether it’s global fashion retailer Zara, U.S. grocery chain Giant Eagle,  The City of Frederick in Maryland or most recently,…

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Branding – Has the consumer empowerment pendulum swung too far?

Brand Backlash – Important feedback of ill-informed hot air? I read with interest this week of a city in the US State of Maryland who launched a new brand identity for the town, only to backtrack in the face of resident dissatisfaction. Having worked on…

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