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Overheard blurs the line between social content and traditional print.

Instagram brand; Overheard launches physical newspaper stands. In the latest demonstration of the blurring between new digital and traditional business and brand models, Overheard launched a physical parody paper (think The Onion) along with a pop-up newsstand at Union Square in San Francisco. Overheard was…

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Axe branded content: Find Your Social Effort Score

Axe helps the world out the social try-hards. Axe has teamed up with their ad agency Barton F. Graf 9000 to create a nice brand gesture called the ‘Social Effort Scale’. The brand is sponsoring a clever campaign that is being positioned as a public…

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April Fools Day and Brand Hoaxes

As kids, April Fools Day was always a highlight, as we set about trying to best our peers, siblings or parents into believing something that was oh-so-funny or unbelievable. Then, as with most things, the older we got, the less we engaged with it. Brands,…

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