Overheard blurs the line between social content and traditional print.

Instagram brand; Overheard launches physical newspaper stands.

In the latest demonstration of the blurring between new digital and traditional business and brand models, Overheard launched a physical parody paper (think The Onion) along with a pop-up newsstand at Union Square in San Francisco.

Overheard was kicked-off in 2015 by founder Jesse Margolis after he shared a stereotypical L.A. conversation at a local health food store. It’s grown to around 1.2 million followers and seven spin-offs for cities like San Francisco and London and a college-specific Overheard.

Although initially an Instagram concept, Margolis now sees Overheard as “a brand beyond Instagram”. Margolis says; “a product that people can touch, or an experience they can enjoy, really enhances the perspective of what Overheard is. That we’re not just a meme account, we’re a sort of new media that embraces comedy and local culture.” He says; “We will always be a social-first brand. But we are looking to activate more and more in interesting ways… a chance to laugh without having to be stuck on social media.”


As the world grows into the ‘post social’ era content in all forms is being more often viewed as content first rather than traditional, digital or social content. At the same time, the businesses providing that content are challenging the paradigms of what they can and can’t do. At the end of the day, the power lies with the number of eyeballs (and the beating heart consumers behind them) who are engaging with that content. Whilst traditional business is taking a while to come around to it, alignment between popular content providers in any form and brands who share an affinity with the fans of that content continues to be the powerful intersection for marketing that it’s always been.

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