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The power of brilliant brand identity design

Brand Recognition = Commercial Value. In these times of desktop publishing and 99 Designs when the tools to create logos are at everyone’s fingertips, it is easy to overlook the commercial benefits of a professional brand identity. This clever creative experiment from Berlin Agency ‘Why…

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High fashion footwear – The latest branding billboard

The latest branding trend for fashion takes to the streets. As the on again / off again relationship with fashion brands featuring their logos on their clothes continues, the latest trend is high fashion featuring their branding loud and proud on the feet of their…

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Social Media platforms are disconnecting from Brands.

No more sharing the love. In a move reflecting a growing frustration among brand owners and manager, global beauty brand Lush announced it will be shutting down its social media channels in the UK. For a brand as popular as Lush in a category where…

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