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Building Loved Brands – A Presentation by Truly Deeply Founder; Dave Ansett

Truly Deeply founder; Dave Ansett talks place branding at the Greater Geelong and Bellarine Tourism Excellence Summit. In his conference presentation today, Dave will be presenting the 12 attributes of loved brands with a particular focus on building place brands. Presenting to a host of…

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Airbnb learns from leading hotel brands

Airbnb is taking lessons from leading hotel brands for continued growth and economic impact. Airbnb is not a new brand, it has been around for a while and there is a lot of content on the innovative approach the brand takes towards hospitality. Recently Airbnb…

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Where the bloody hell are we now?

A new Australia tourism ad has just been released to replace the infamous “Where the bloody hell are you?” ad. It seems that Australia has had a few goes at making a tourism ad. So it is interesting to note the direction that we take…

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