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Easy Jet’s Look & Book, a Social Media Masterclass for Brands

The end of Instagram travel envy. The UK’s Easy Jet has launched a new booking app that takes their social media game to a new level. Look & Book is an app designed to turn Instagram travel inspiration into a reality. Look & Book identifies…

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Helloworld – Hello new high street retail travel brand

I’ve been walking past the high street travel agent ‘Helloworld’ for the last few months and it has intrigued me into the story behind the new travel brand. The brandmark is very warm and friendly and automatically feels inviting. In a market where online travel…

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Another Brilliant Guerrilla Travel Brand Experience – Take a look at Brussels

A Brilliant New Brand Campaign of the French National Railway. Last year we wrote a blog on a brilliant tourism campaign for the French National Railway called the Escape machine (you can check it here). What we loved so much about the guerrilla campaign was…

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