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Personality rich brand storytelling. Mirry Christmus from Air NZ.

Air New Zealand’s sweet Christmas ad. Just about every brand is trying to leverage Christmas and stay top of mind. The big retailers are all trying to outdo each other with their Christmas TVCs. It’s also the time of year when many of us are…

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Orchard Thieves launches brand inspired reversible ad

A brand narrative that’s built around Orchard Thieves’ simple worldview that if you start bold, you’ll end bold. Heineken’s cider brand, Orchard Thieves keeps true to the brand’s mantra of ‘Be bold’ with it’s latest ad. The story follows a group of friends on their…

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Lloyds Bank and TSB split, using brand narrative to claw back reputations

Twenty years after merging, Llyods and TSB (Trustee Savings Bank) have parted ways as a result of the 2008 $20bn taxpayer bailout. The split was enforced by the EU to promote competition between the UK’s major financial institutions. The rebrands for Lloyds and TSB were both executed…

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Melbourne Skydive Centre Emotional Brand Design

Occasionally we come across a emotive piece of brand design which for us stands out as a powerful communication. Melbourne Skydive Centre’s promotional video, is beautiful, majestic and awe inspiring, connecting Melbourne Skydive Centre as a unique experience to people’s emotional needs and personal aspirations.…

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