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Uber’s effortless conservation gesture

The dual benefits of brands behaving responsibly. It’s not by good fortune that Uber has become one of the world’s most recognizable brands. From it’s earliest days, Uber and UberEats have demonstrated an effortless ability to weave branding gold whilst retaining the edge of a…

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Uber shows it’s elastic brand strategy with UberMOTO

The Uber brand pivots like a tech start-up. In 2016 Uber launched uberMOTO in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, allowing riders to catch a ride on motorcycles. Uber have always been clear that they are not a ride share business, not even…

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Uber and Westfield partner to offer customer waiting lounges

More disruptive thinking from Uber differentiates their brand offering. Ride sharing brand Uber and retail center behemoth Westfield have partnered to create waiting lounges for shoppers. Uber continue to think and act in a manner that is anything like their taxi brand competitors. When talking…

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Uber releases brand refresh targeted at different countries

Uber has just announced a brand re-fresh to align with their current brand strategy and philosophy but more than that they have engaged their audience by communicating their brand story and the reason for change. On their website Uber said “We’ve always felt there was a cognitive…

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Uber shows their disruption mindset extends to building their brand

Disruptive Brand Building – Simple and Effective A recent newspaper article caught my eye with the headline; ‘Melbourne woman gives birth in the back of Uber car in New York’. From a brand perspective there’s plenty to find fascinating here; Would this article have been written if…

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