Uber and Westfield partner to offer customer waiting lounges

More disruptive thinking from Uber differentiates their brand offering.

Ride sharing brand Uber and retail center behemoth Westfield have partnered to create waiting lounges for shoppers. Uber continue to think and act in a manner that is anything like their taxi brand competitors. When talking to UberEats prior to their launch in Australia they were very bold in their communication that Uber is not a taxi business, or even a logistics business. Uber, they told me, is a technology business. Uber’s ability to not think like the taxi industry they have disrupted in the spotlight for all to see.

In any category ingrained behaviors abound – especially those who’ve had a level of protection from the natural forces of competition. These behaviors and attitudes make for a category ripe for disruption. Not so many years ago (BU – Before Uber) we met with a Melbourne based taxi company who were keen to shake-up the industry. We were struck by how blinkered their thinking was. Innovation in their mind was a call center outsourced to the Philippines for a fraction of the cost. There was no awareness or consideration of  consumer value in their brand proposition. We presented the Uber picture as part of our work. Uber had begun making waves in the US and we saw a natural predator, as well as a disruptive model for the client to learn from. The client’s dismissive response said much about an industry set in its ways with no ability to shift their way of thinking.

Fast forward a handful of years and Uber once again has taken the jump on the taxi industry. Because the Uber brand is by-and-large creating aspirational client relationships, other brands like Westfield are keen to build these kinds of partnerships that they see as reflect positively on themselves.

Although it sounds like marketing 101, this is an example of Uber finding another way to better serve a market of people who want to get from A to B in the best way possible – something the taxi industry is still struggling with.

Dave Ansett
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