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Uber and Westfield partner to offer customer waiting lounges

More disruptive thinking from Uber differentiates their brand offering. Ride sharing brand Uber and retail center behemoth Westfield have partnered to create waiting lounges for shoppers. Uber continue to think and act in a manner that is anything like their taxi brand competitors. When talking…

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UberBoat – A Brand extension Masterclass

E for Excitement… and Brand Extension. Brand Extension isn’t always about launching more products with great sales potential in themselves. Sometimes the smartest brand extension plays are those that reinforce brand excitement and the values that made the brand loved in the first place. Uber…

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Culture eats strategy for breakfast

It doesn’t matter how much you spend on strategy, branding, creative, media or reputation if there’s something wrong with your culture. As Uber is currently proving. It’s impossible in today’s society to mask an internal culture with brand. Sooner or later the truth will out…

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Uber trades cars for horses for Cup weekend

It still gets me three years into living in Melbourne, that Victorians get a day off work, to gamble on horses, but hey, I’m happy to not have to come in tomorrow. While I will be avoiding the crowds personally and enjoying a day off, I’ve…

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Insta-rebrand leaves me a little… meh!

  Instagram made waves last week in the design and social media world by launching their much anticipated brand identity refresh, and UI overhaul to their loyal band of insta-obsessed-followers. The reason for the tech update is to create a better UI experience for users, paring back brand…

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Uber releases brand refresh targeted at different countries

Uber has just announced a brand re-fresh to align with their current brand strategy and philosophy but more than that they have engaged their audience by communicating their brand story and the reason for change. On their website Uber said “We’ve always felt there was a cognitive…

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