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Welcome Home Vegemite – Why some brands shouldn’t be sold.

Welcome home Vegemite – Back where you belong. With Australia Day around the corner, the recent announcement that publicly listed (and Australian owned) Bega Cheese is set to purchase Vegemite and a hand-full of other Kraft brands in a $460 million deal made my day.…

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#ChocPlusWhat – Cadbury Dairy Milk joins forces with Vegemite

We are happy little Vegemite’s… with a sweet tooth! There has been some speculation whether or not Cadbury Dairy Milk would join forces with Vegemite, and last week the chocolate powerhouse announced it will create a Vegemite flavoured chocolate bar that will hit the shelves…

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iSnack 2.0 – When brand naming goes wrong

When Kraft launched their name for the new spread during the AFL Grand Final, I thought it had to be a joke, they couldn’t be that out of touch. Then I presumed it was a deliberately provocative marketing campaign, give our product the worst possible…

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