20 of the best Ads on Wheels

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Ode to the creative truck/bus/taxi ad
As a branding agency we spend most of our lives living, breathing and dreaming of ways to communicate brands in ways that have relevance and value to the lives of our client’s consumers. As the world changes, we surf the wave of new technologies, new mediums and new ways of communicating. But we are sometimes reminded that in the charge to stay abreast of the new there are still some classic brand communication channels that are easily overlooked. Truck, bus and taxi cab advertising may not qualify as new media, but as a channel to market it can still provide for cut-through creativity as these 20 beauties demonstrate.

Miami Ad School, Hamburg, Germany
Creatives: Thomas Ilum, Zoe Vogelius

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  1. I know you posted this in August, but it was just included in your Best of 2014 email. However this story and some of these images are nearly 10 years old (Pepsi crate truck from 2005 submissions here: http://www.rhino-award.com/voting2005/rhino05sieger.php)

    Most of the truck images are just ‘concepts’ which were submitted to clients and then included in those awards and submissions from 2005-2009. They’ve been doing the rounds on the net for years. A little research and googling before posting to at least advise the reader that most of these never saw the light of day would be good:

    • Thanks Paul, Good point you make. We were aware that some of these were concepts, but felt they still represented the level of creativity we wished to present in the blog. Appreciate you pointing this out all the same. Keep up the good work, Dave.

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